Fresh Sheet 9-1-16

Produce farmers use “fresh sheets” to regularly update what they have available. My plan is to publish an updated fresh sheet every Thursday with products we have to offer.

  • Green Beans $3/lb or $2.50/lb for 4lb or more. Our late green bean patch is very happy. The kids and I picked 40 pounds of the best-looking beans we’ve gotten all year. Act soon or starting Monday I will begin processing them for our new chest freezer being delivered Sunday. 
  • Zucchini, $1-$3 each depending on size. The zucchini are close to finished for the season after some storm damage but we’re still getting enough to sell. These are mostly medium or large zucchini good for sauteeing, stufing, or using shredded.
  • Whole Wheat Flour, $1/lb milled to order. I can grind a coarser flour good for yeast breads or a fine flour suitable for pastries, pancakes, and other uses. Fresh whole wheat flour is something that’s incomparable to store purchased flour. The wheat berries we use are certified pesticide-free. Currently they come from a co-op in Montana but I recently found a grower in northern Illinois and will be buying from her within the next month or two.

We have ripe tomatoes and jalapeno peppers but it’s looking like our crop will be just enough to cover our own needs. However, if you want just a few and you’re buying something else I’ll certainly part with them.

Apple season is here. Dried apple slices were our most popular item last year. I’m busy making them right now but need to see how many bags I have time to put up before I start offering them for sale. I’m going to try and keep the price at $20 per gallon bag, similar to last year, but apples from our favorite orchard are more expensive this year.