FB_IMG_1470257499925This is a successor and partner blog to my other blogĀ The Goblin Chief. I’ve written there quite a bit about our homesteading history up to this point and may move some of those back posts over here as time allows. Going forward, I want this blog to be where my homestead writing is focused, and I’ll also be posting “fresh sheets” with the small amount of produce and other food products I sell.

I am 32, married to a lovely woman named Maria, and we have 3 kids aged 10, 9, and 6. Maria works very hard for us and has been successful in a career she never originally intended on being in, like many folks. I used to work part-time but 2 years ago transitioned to being a full-time stay-at-home parent. As part of being a SAH dad and homesteader, I also homeschool our children. Adding the gardening, preserving, and animals to their educational experience has been a major boon.

We live on a corner urban lot that’s about 1/12 acre that I’ve converted to mostly edible food production except for some play spaces. We keep laying hens and meat rabbits. I also have about 1/8 acre of garden space on a friend’s property out in the country that’s helping me produce more food but more importantly gain experience in a slightly different climate zone and very different soils than I have here.

While we’re making the city work for us as much as possible, as the years go by it’s increasingly not where want to be. We want more space, the freedom to raise more animals than we can here, and in general I’ve found the neighborliness of country folks I’ve met through my homesteading club to be a lot more enjoyable than the limited neighborliness we’ve had on our urban lot. The process of paying down our underwater house, saving for a downpayment, and then finding an appropriate property will take us quite a few years so I expect to talk about it a fair amount in this space.