Rabbits at four weeks old


Bunny tickles!
Bunny tickles!

From last week there isn’t much of a change in appearance, just size. I’m starting to track the kit weights now. Blue Velvet’s 4 kits weigh 1.29 lb, 1.18, 1.09, and a runt weighs only 0.51. Oreo’s surviving 4 kits weigh 1.19, 1.15, 1.04, and 1.0. Not sure how this tracks with wanting them to be ~3.5lbs at 8 weeks for 5lbs by 12 weeks but we’ll see.


Weight gain in rabbits is affected by both genetics and feed program. I know our feed isn’t optimal as I have not found a brand of pellet available here that has the hallmark bright green color of a very fresh product.

I finished a second hutch yesterday and moved Blue Velvet and her litter into one of the compartments. They have more space than the cage they had been in and the top access design of my hutches makes it much easier to clean them. Between rabbits’ tendencies to poop on top of their hay and the poop being frozen (though not so much in the milder weather we’re getting this week) it often needs a little encouragement to fall through the bottom cage wire.


I’ve been attempting to breed this week too, to little avail. Stewie, our lone mature buck, lost his virginity quite quickly by getting one falloff but has not gotten any more. The does have not been lifting and most are growling at him. Being the winter solstice, it’s probably the worst time of year to try breeding because does are affected by hours of daylight. Not sure if I want to keep trying or give it a couple more weeks and try then.


It’s been fun seeing how active the little kits are. Until I moved Blue Velvet and her litter to her new hutch, they were right next to Stewie’s cage, so I could watch them while keeping an eye on the breeding sessions. One thing that particularly surprised me is that they can climb the cage wire and get to the top of the cage!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas for those who celebrate it.



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