More rabbitry news

One of the colony does gave birth last night and a second one gave birth this morning. Originally there were 10 kits but I found three dead in the bottom of the nest this afternoon. We pulled them briefly inside the house to take a couple pictures.

dsc_2040 dsc_2045

We also got two new adult rabbits. I originally drove up just to buy a beautiful 9 month old Flemish Giant doe who is very docile and friendly.

dsc_2057 dsc_2058 dsc_2060

She is in a cage during quarantine but was raised in a colony and will join our other colony does when she is clear. I haven’t decided on a name but “Cinnamon” is a possibility.

The breeder we bought her from showed us some of their other rabbits, including a litter of a very silly experiment crossing a Lionhead buck with a Flemish Giant doe. This results in some really cute rabbits that don’t have an easy market or purpose. They gave us this guy for free, tentatively named either “Lion Turtle” or “Frankie” (for Frankenstein rabbit). This one is definitely just a pet, but he might make interesting babies with our smallest Rex/NZ colony doe.

dsc_2051 dsc_2054


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