Separating the Colony Rabbits and Chickens

Last night I decided I had enough of the shared “raken” colony. They’ve been constantly getting into each other’s food. Rabbit food won’t harm chickens, but I’m not keen on the rabbits getting into the chicken food, and with young rabbits that could kill them from bloat.

More experienced livestock owners have repeatedly told me that chickens can’t be trusted around baby rabbits either. We’re hoping to breed some of our colony does to our buck Blackthorn who just arrived and is settling in, so again I knew we’d need to divide the pen.

We’ve spent so much money and time on this enclosure and I really dread the idea of digging more post holes, so the divider is pretty crude. I used EMT conduit as my fence posts, a technique I’ve used to make cheap garden fencing, and some scrap chicken wire for the fencing. Since we’re keeping the rabbits to one side, I no longer need 1/2″ hardware cloth along the chicken side of the pen. I’ll pull some of that off to keep our future baby rabbits from popping through the larger 1″ hex chicken wire.

I’ll try and remember to take a picture of it when it’s not either dark or pouring down rain.

Building enclosures for animals can be a really frustrating experience. It takes several iterations and changes as the animals act in ways you didn’t expect, or find a flaw that you’d overlooked in either the design or construction phase.

What are some revisions you’ve had to make?


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