New Arrivals to the Rabbitry


Our current rabbits are three does and a buck who’s partially paralyzed and can’t breed. So after finishing the colony I wanted to get some breeding stock in. I considered just getting a buck or two and breeding with our existing does, but I also wanted some does I knew the genetics behind.

I got several strong recommendations for Ron Barger of Countryview Rabbits in Carlyle, IL. It’s a 365 mile drive straight through the middle of Illinois which had me hesitant, but the recommendations were so strong I decided to go for it. Rabbits are something you want to start with the best stock possible so I’m hoping this ends up being a good decision.

Wanting something soon and at least some breeding age, we ended up with a little motley crew that will be interesting to see develop as we breed. They need to settle in a little but Ron said they’d be ready to breed in about a week. The senior buck and both does are proven breeders, but he likes to keep his own stock younger, so he was willing to sell them.

I’m suddenly having cold feet about putting these in the colony, and I’m hearing that chickens can’t be trusted around newborn kits, so I may breed these and keep them in cages for this round of litters. I will also breed our colony does and see what kind of trouble develops before going the extra step of sub-dividing the pen.

They’re in full molt right now so their fur is quite messy and off-color.

Our blue NZ doe "Blue Velvet". The red tint is something blues develop before molting.
Our blue NZ doe “Blue Velvet”. The red tint is something blues develop before molting.
Our broken black NZ doe "Oreo".
Our broken black NZ doe “Oreo”.
Our black NZ buck "Blackthorn".
Our black NZ buck “Blackthorn”.
Our junior broken blue NZ buck "Stewie" who did NOT want to be posed.
Our junior broken blue NZ buck “Stewie” who did NOT want to be posed.

2 thoughts on “New Arrivals to the Rabbitry

  1. Nice new stock! Good luck with breeding! I hope you enjoyed the trip down to So. IL. It was wonderful weather this week down here! (I am a So. Illinoisan myself.) I am really enjoying reading your new farmstead blog! Have you planted a fall crop? Just planted mine on Friday with fall peas, a salad bowl lettuce mix, spinach and radishes.


    1. Beth, thanks for your comment 🙂 It was a nice day for driving, though I always find it sad when driving past endless fields of corn and soybeans.

      My fall garden is going to be a little sad. I do have some snap peas that are about six inches tall and I’ll try and get some salad mix. Otherwise I’m also planting some cover crop mix (oats, field peas, and vetch) as I clear beds. Some of it is already germinating.


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